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We lose more young men to suicide than any other cause of death.

May 8. Save the date that could change a life.

The story behind M8D8

The story behind M8D8

M8D8 is an initiative created by the very people it’s designed to help: young men. We know that isolation, loneliness and not talking about our struggles can make a deadly combination.

Taking a m8 on a d8 and having a conversation can be all that’s needed to bring a friend out of a dark place.

M8D8 celebrates young men connecting in the simplest of ways for the greatest of reasons.

M8D8 is about helping young people change each other’s lives by creating a generation of better listeners.

Get on board. Be a m8. Learn to listen.


Make conversations happen

If you think someone needs to talk, ask them how they really are and stick with it until they’re ready. You are the right person to have this conversation.

Activities create conversations

Guys talk better when they’re doing something together.

Time to listen

Show your m8s that you will listen. Let your m8 know you’re listening now.

Engage with what they’re saying

Don’t interrupt or judge. If a m8 says he’s doing it tough, then he is. There is no right thing to say. Just listening is enough.

Set up more support

Encourage your m8 to reach out to family, friends, teacher, GP or counselling service.

Helpful d8ing guides (click to download)

How to D8 a M8

How to D8 a M8

Guys talk better when they’re doing something together. It’s not about what you do, it’s about what you say.

  • Grab a bite to eat
  • Watch a game
  • Get active: play golf, kick the footy, ride a bike or go for a surf
  • Get out in nature, go for a hike or camping
  • Play a video game
  • Watch TV or a movie
  • Go to a gig, listen to local music


If you require urgent mental health support, please attend your nearest hospital emergency department or call:

For phone counselling support, please contact:

To enquire about the services we can provide for you, or someone you know, please call:

(08) 6266 4333 More contact information